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Quality policy

SMG will offer PROFESSIONAL AND CUSTOMIZED integral logistics and transport services in order to solve and satisfy the needs and demands of our clients, seeking their loyalty, within a relationship of professional and human respect towards clients, suppliers and employees.
SMG wants to be a leader and reference as a QUALITY freight forwarder and integral logistics company, always looking for professionalism, experience, reliability and flexibility of its services with a close and personal professional treatment allowing its clients to be more efficient and competitive.
In this sense, SMG offers its clients:
We are committed to ensuring that the delivery of the goods reach their destination within the agreed deadlines and in perfect condition. We respect and fulfill our commitments.
Our qualified human team guarantees essential experience and professionalism in a Freight Forwarder company, with personalized treatment to solve any of our clients' needs.
We not only transport goods for our clients, but we take care of the entire complex logistics process from the beginning to the end, taking care of the smallest detail.

Fdo. José Ramón Arruabarrena
(SMG Manager)

SMG has the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate since 2009 - Certificate number: ES101516-1